Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thailand Tales

Stayed at the Nilert Park on Wireless Road. ( this photo is from their poolside). Remind me to bypass it next time. Great loaction and property, but there appears to be something amiss in the quality of maintenance design in general (creaking doors, no hot water at night, faulty lamps). Gives the impression the Swiss should stick to running banks as hospitality dosen't seem to be among their strong points.

Not a total disaster though; visiting chef Boris Benecke, Michelin 2 stars, put together one of the finest lunches I have ever eaten. Cheers to you Boris. If you're in BKK and reading this anytime before 14th May '06, go get yourself a great meal.

Bangkok as usual totally swept me off my feet. If there is a more energetic city anywhere, I haven't been to it. By day BKK is a bustling business town with high transaction business being conducted in sophisticated buildings. By night, Bangkok is a tourist and entertainment paradise, offering everything from fine dining to Go Go Bar entertainment. And its not just the indoors, the outdoors are buzzing with life 24/7!

I was looking to find out what's happening on the Internet scence in Thailand. Looks like lack of early stage Venture Capital hasn't allowed the Internet business to fully develop. Which is a pity because Thailand has an estimated 8 million users, and growing fast. Lets not forget, this country now has 51% mobile phone penetration, so keep in mind the sophistication of the users. The leading portal in Thailand appears to be, with MSN, Yahoo & Google not far behind. I think it's a matter of time before the Chinese and Korean portals enter to service this large and vibrant market.

It's interesting to see the large expat workforce
in Bangkok, working harmonously with the Thais. Many senior managerial positions are filled by expats, which is great, as it ensures world class quality in the Thai companies. I think it's a super mix and something India must encourage too. Globally, including the UK & US, its common to find several expat and overseas managers...the hallmark of a world class workforce.

The quality of Thailand's infrastructure is truly dazzling, with everything well thought out and immaculately maintained, which says a lot about the skills and culture of the everyday Thais. This country will go a long way both in capatalizing on opportunities in Asia and in surviving tough times.


Last week was a short week in Bangkok, both with Labour Day Monday and King's Coronation Friday, so decided to do a quick trip to Phuket on Friday.

If you hadn't told me the Tsunami hit Phuket on 26th Dec '04, I would never have beleived it. Look around and there isn't a trace of the Tsunami. The infrstrature is immaculate, the beaches are clean and the people are always smiling. It's truly Amazing Thailand.

Rented a bike and drove around to some of the main beaches: Kata, Katong, Kamla & Patong. While Patong is more your Pataya style Go Go Bar entertainment and fun to visit, the other beaches have fine dining and classy bars. Had a great dinner at Boat House on Kata beach, highly recommended.

Its easy to see why Phuket is one of the most sought after places gloabally for a 2nd home. The great infrastructure, nice peo
ple, super value, excellent weather and tons of water sports, all add up to a combinations thats hard to beat. If you haven't been there yet, don't miss out any longer, the time spent getting there is more than worth it.

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feelfree said...

Sounds like u had lot of fun ya. The pictures are damn neat ... Roads connecting the beaches looks beautiful n above all Phuket is awesome ... I am sure you had a great time riding down the roads of Thailand..
What about the Phuket ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) tours. They are suppose to be adventurous i have heard.

Looks like our destination for office picnic next year boss :-)

Or a Yo4Ya office at Phuket will be rocking…