Sunday, June 25, 2006

Send flowers to your fav team! has been running a cool service since the start of the worldcup allowing you to send flowers to your favourite team. The flower delivery happens in Germany straight to the team's hotel and card containing your message to your fav player is attached.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Mumbai rudest?

Mumbai Skyline
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A recent survey shows mumbai to be the world's rudest city. Why? because unlike other cities Mumbai is not trained to say pseudo Thank Yous; and not trained to hold doors open.

The survey was carried out by 2000 journalists, who obviously have more book knowledge than a connection with themselves.

Mumbai isn't clean, or slick, or 1st world; but Mumbai is easily one of the most pleasant & safe cities to live in. Ask any woman who lives in Mumbai and she will immediately tell you "I love how safe I feel here". The ultimate test: "feelings", not actions!

Viva Africa

Ghana's advancement to the 2nd stage puts Africa's stamp on the world cup.

Never has the world cup seen more beautiful football than played by the African teams. Their grace, passing, clean play are all superlative, surpassing even the mighty South American teams.

And football is just the sport for the poor nations of Africa. In India we play elitist cricket, an extremely expensive sport that requires lots of equipment and ground maintenance. WORNG CHOICE for a 3rd world country like India.

Go Africa Go.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Believe in Ghosts?

Nither did I. Till i saw this video of a car advertisement filmed in the UK. The advertisement was never released because of the strange phenomena.

In the video as the car moves along something strange can be heard and seen among the trees. Watch the video carefully with sound.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Live: World Cup RSS Feed

For those of you using, view World Cup scores, timings, results, etc as an RSS field.
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Monday, June 05, 2006

Bombay property bull run over too

Along with the end of the Bombay Stock bull run (now a bear hug), property prices have stablized and infact they seem to be ready to move down.

Had to happen. Property went up between 30% & 80% June to Feb. What were people thinking? This is gonna sustain. Just shows how underexposed Indians are to market forces.

Anyway, the situation now is that prices have frozen at their peaks and very few transactions are happening. Let see how much longer sellers can hold on. Interest rates up at 8.5% dosen't help anyone, so it looks like we're at the start of a bear market.

Good time to sell if you find a buyer, but don't count on it!