Monday, May 29, 2006

Oh yea

Have just finished a Sat night at Seijo and am waiting for the valet to get my car. Rs. 28,000 is not a bad bill for 8 considering it's been an eventful 2 weeks at the Bombay Stocks and my friends were going heavy on the single malts. Its sweltering and the damn valet is taking long to get my car. Idiot. Probably comes from a village.

Rs. 20 is too much of a tip for making us melt in the heat for 15 mins. Anyway its generous considering everybody else only tips Rs. 10. Who carries small change anyway.

Read the Sunday papers all about some idiot in Delhi who tried to burn himself over the quota issue. Yea what quotas you ask, exactly, who cares. Education quotas. We all know its all a political gimmic anyway. Nothings gonna change. Anyway what differance does it make, India's booming and nothings gonna stop the boom. I'm sure anyway that these facts that 600 million people in India live on Rs. 45/day are wrong. But then maybe not. Rs. 1350 a month is a lot in a village and anyway they don't pay any taxes, we do, so they're living of us. Yea, did you know Bombay pays 80% of India's income tax.

Good to see the Chief Minister getting rid of slums in Bombay. These people have no business squatting on public property. Indians are such a civic less species. Its such an embarrsement to pass these slums, especially with foreign visitors in town. Thank God, Shantaram was published and has romanticized the slums. Anyway, foreigners don't understand like we Indians do that these people are used to living in slums, so dosen't make a differance to them.

Same with the beggars. These people are not beggars, they are professionals. Begging is hard work. Look at them carefully, thats make up they have on, its boot polish. Otherwise how does your face become so black, just by begging? I've been seeing the same beggars for years, they all have a new gig every few months. Rotten creatures. Its the no. 1 reason why India dosen't get enough tourists, because people are always harrasing them.

Good Aamir Khan stood up to the BJP and gave them a piece of his mind. Those guys have gone too far. Its about time someone took the political parties on. A friend of mine has become a politican. Idiot. Who wants all the stress. Its all games anyway. I don't even vote, or know anyone who votes. Its a waste of time standing in lines and anyway our vote dosen't count. I'm sure in a few years there'll be Internet Voting, will vote then.

They've changed the national anthem playing at the movie halls before the movies. Its better and clearer now. But I noticed strangely that none of the instruments in the national anthem are Indian. They are all brass band. Idiots. Someone should tell them to use some Indian instruments...


Mayfly said...

beside trouble are talkative guy also..hehehe..long stuff ^_^

RYK said...

obviously I'm being scarcastic in this post. Its shows the apathy that people generally live their lives with. Unfortunate but true.

boogley said...

interesting piece of thoughts. I understand your concern about slums. How about shipping all those people in slums to some remote islan, so that they wont come back to the rich peoples mumbai and get onto your nerves again ;-) ?

Regarding the quota issue, imagine from 2008 onwards in your company there will be a 50% seat reserved for OBC, so tjat you can advertise on naukri like required OBC java engineer hehehe Anyways you dont care right?