Saturday, December 23, 2006

India Internet Growth

Here is a study by IMRB on the Internet growth. To most of us heading Internet businesses this seems an accurate picture. Unfortunately the story shows that growth is linear and not exponential like we would have hoped. But I am not sure that it will be linear, I think some compuding is bound to kick in....

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Juice van

Here is an enterprising guy in Bombay outside Liberty Cinema. He has parked his van in the driveway of a building and serves juice out of the back

Phones going upmarket in India

India has been a notoriously low end market for cell phones, but all that seems to be changing now. More & more guys in my office are roaming around with high end phones (head of tech ofcourse has a Blackberry). Now I see ads all over the place for high end phones. Here are the 1st three pages of this week's business India.

So is the market changing? Yep. Not only can people now afford more pricey phones, but phone themselves are packing in more at a lower cost (I saw a Rs. 2800 camera phone).

What about Internert on the phone? Never say never. So far its mainly email, but I am sure both phone maufacturers and website owners will soon figure out how to get sites working through the slow speeds and the small screen of the phone...I for one would love to see yo4ya and flora2000 on the phone...need to investigate a bit more...

Help my house has been invaded

My house is no longer my house, it's been taken over bymonster....

My house is no longer my house, it's been taken over by 1ft. monster....

Why Microsoft has lost the plot....

Any mail sent from Yo4Ya goes to junk in Hotmail. It's fine in Yahoo, Gmail, etc. But no matter what we do it goes to junk in Hotmail. We have complained to Hotmail customer service, who bounced us to Symantech. Symantech responded after 3 weeks and said all is fine... it still goes to junk. So I spoke to y friend who is a big shot in MSN India..."can't do anything for you, but wait 8 months and we are going to kick Google's ass".......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This personifies everything wrong with MS...they don't know the ABC of what they are doing on the web and they talk big...they are unable to fix day to day issues and they talk big....

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A second opinion

There is a strange conference going on in Iran. Its a conference whose aim is to give the world second opinion on the Holucast. What is strange that this conference is going on in Iran whose govt is obsessed with supressing information and speech.

The other strange thing is that it is being attened by a whole lot of Jewish Rabbis who live in Israel as Palestenians and do not pay Israrel taxes !

Read more here:,7340,L-3338873,00.html,,1970042,00.html

Gmail - Site of the week 50 '07

SPAM the new muti headed hydra that refuses to die....can be fought most effectively through Gmail !!!!!!!!!

Ok so you knew that Gmail was cool with its 3GB storage, speed and all that. But did you know that Gmail is super effective in fighting spam. Almost no spam gets through its spam filter and it all lets all the legitimate messages through...

For the purpose of fighting spam alone Gmail is worth it. That is why it is my site of the week this week.

Here is a neat trick: forward your corporate email account to Gmail. Gmail will clean out the spam. Then use Gmail POP3 to downloand your emails. You will be free of a lot of the usual spammy stuff. Use your corporate SMTP to send emails.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Losing the SPAM war

Is it just me, or has the quantum of spam in the last 15 days gone up. I always received a lot of spam, but after taking reasonable care I was able to contain spam to manageable limits. Suddenly I now find myself drowning in spam. I received 296 spam messages in the last 18 hrs and only 6 genuibe emails.

I checked with a few friends and they say that spam seems to have gone crazy this last month.

Off late I have been missing emails and I also find that emails I am sending out aren't getting replied business associates are saying "oh shit your mail went into my spam box"...

So what is to be done? I have absolutely no idea. I am using Spam Assasin, Outlook Junk filtering and Bit Defender Anti-Spam, all at the same time and the spam is getting through all of those.

Today Google announced that they are allowing Pop3 access via GMAIL. Great, good news, lets hope that I can switch from Outlook to Gmail and Gmail will contain my spam.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

"Vijay's" calendar

Saturday night the buzz was all about going for "Vijay's brunch" for his annual Kingfisher calendar, aboard his 350ft yatch. Through a random bit of luck an invite landed on my desk and my inviter was insistent that I go (yep in Bombay people other than the host can do the inviting)...

...the yatch looked awesome...too bad I couldn't get o
n board as it takes only 120 people and 800 were invited...anyway, here are the pics