Tuesday, September 12, 2006

HowTo remove Windows Genuine Advantage !

I know many of you naughty people out there are being troubled by Windows with their notification saying "This copy of Windows is Pirated !". Very embarassing especially in meetings...But like a friend of mine once said "Any software that costs more than $25 should be pirated by principle" :)

WikiHow has a step by step procedure on how you can remove the WGA notifications: http://www.wikihow.com/Remove-Windows-Genuine-Advantage-Notifications

Friday, September 08, 2006

Whats up in Sri Lanka

Went to Sri Lanka last week, what a place. Colombo is a cross between Goa & Bombay, really! What a shame about the civil war, hope they get over it soon. They need a Montreal style referendum, but alas Asians are too smart for that, they need to shoot it out...

Must dos
- Barefoot - lunch & great fabrics
- Mount Lavina Hotel - great dinner & views
- Odel - shopping mall
- Gallery Cafe & Bar - Expat type dinner place, super ambience

- Beach Wadiya - best crabs ever
- Elephant Orphanage - on the way to Kandy

- Helga's Folly - the coolest place you'll ever stay
- Buying Cuban cigars in the Duty Free

(click on pictures to open large)

On the way to Kandy


Helga's Folly