Sunday, March 04, 2007

Internet Explorer IS unsecure

I never believed it, I always thought it was hype...after all who do you really know that got virus infected by surfing the web. Virus' are supposed to come from spam emails, and from files that friends send, or through the office lan network; not by surfing the web.

But it happened today. I was surfing a website using IE (because I was doing some speed comparisons with Firefox) and suddenly my McAfee pops up saying there is a virus and its been deleted ! I was confused because I don't use Outlook email anymore, only Gmail and this is a NEW computer. I checked the path and it was a virus that had come through IE. The Virus had triggered when I had clicked on a link on the website; sure enough IE reported that it could not open that file or some error like that.

Years back I took the decision to shift my website from Microsoft Server to Linux and have been virus free ever I'm going to stick to Firefox and avoid IE.

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