Sunday, March 18, 2007

Importance of end to end quality tracking

Vir Shanghvi today moans about the bad quality of wine across India. Apparently this is because wines are poorly transported thus exposing them to temperature fluctuations; and because they are stored straight up (he says wines need to be stored flat inorder to be in contact with the cork and them preventing some sort of chemical reaction that makes them go bad).

I say its the fault of the wine brands who have not set up quality tracking processes that identify bad quality and the reasons behind it. It is the responsibility of every brand to ensure customer satisfaction....and if they don't do this, then a smart business can step in, map out the pain points, improve quality and steal business from the existing suppliers.

It is the responsibility of the manager of every function to put in place an end to end quality checking process, which includes reports, checks and feedback, and then strive to improve delivery/production. The best managers do this, and when all the managers in a business do this, those business become the best in their league.

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