Saturday, December 16, 2006

Phones going upmarket in India

India has been a notoriously low end market for cell phones, but all that seems to be changing now. More & more guys in my office are roaming around with high end phones (head of tech ofcourse has a Blackberry). Now I see ads all over the place for high end phones. Here are the 1st three pages of this week's business India.

So is the market changing? Yep. Not only can people now afford more pricey phones, but phone themselves are packing in more at a lower cost (I saw a Rs. 2800 camera phone).

What about Internert on the phone? Never say never. So far its mainly email, but I am sure both phone maufacturers and website owners will soon figure out how to get sites working through the slow speeds and the small screen of the phone...I for one would love to see yo4ya and flora2000 on the phone...need to investigate a bit more...

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