Sunday, December 10, 2006

Losing the SPAM war

Is it just me, or has the quantum of spam in the last 15 days gone up. I always received a lot of spam, but after taking reasonable care I was able to contain spam to manageable limits. Suddenly I now find myself drowning in spam. I received 296 spam messages in the last 18 hrs and only 6 genuibe emails.

I checked with a few friends and they say that spam seems to have gone crazy this last month.

Off late I have been missing emails and I also find that emails I am sending out aren't getting replied business associates are saying "oh shit your mail went into my spam box"...

So what is to be done? I have absolutely no idea. I am using Spam Assasin, Outlook Junk filtering and Bit Defender Anti-Spam, all at the same time and the spam is getting through all of those.

Today Google announced that they are allowing Pop3 access via GMAIL. Great, good news, lets hope that I can switch from Outlook to Gmail and Gmail will contain my spam.

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Dylan said...

i've been using pop3 with gmail and outlook for a year and a half... although it was a bit tricky to set up, so they probably simplified it. i agree the gmail spam filter is great. another thing i do which i can recommend is to keep a separate gmail ID for any forms you fill out which might generate spam... which is basically anything from sending an article to frequent flyer programmes to registering for anything whatsoever. use your main ID only when sending to friends and colleagues. if you're already finding you're buried in spam, keep your existing address as the spam-catcher, notify your friends and associates, then start a fresh account. if you're really hardcore about it, you can also ask your friends not to forward anything or send net articles to your new address...