Sunday, October 29, 2006

YO YO Yo4Ya !

Yesterday was a big day at the office, Yo4ya, our chillware product was opened to selected users. I was really looking for something like this, a place to go relax and do stupid nothings with friends. I can tell you I'm loving it...already spent a few hrs playing around with themes, uploading photos, updating my profile, browsing people, sending stupid messages to friends...

Seems others like it too...
...its up 2,259,601 places on day 1 to reach 26,873 --- winning no 1. in Alexa of fastest rising site of the day/week :)

1 comment:

LameassLemdu said...

Hey dude,
met Zaf randomly on one of his recruitment drives...found you randomly and just messaging as Im keen to network with one and all andhra-preneurs!
me too - am similar, entrpreneur, shuffling between mumbai and the world.
plij do msg me ure gmail or something - im sure we can learn from each other