Monday, October 23, 2006

Movie & Music lovers - goto Bangkok free!

If you love music like I do, you must buy a music album almost every week, or around 50 to 60 albums a year.

The cost of these albums on an average works out to US$12 each, give or take a few dollars. So that's $600 to $700 a year.

Now lets say you also buy a few DVDs a year at $15 - $20 a DVD. I buy around 8 to 12 DVDs a year, so that's about $150 on DVDs.

Lets come to to the Bangkok part: In Bangkok y
ou can pick up CDs for $2 and DVDs for $5 on the grey market. I would say that 99/100 of them work 100% (you can even check them when you buy them). So, you would get your 50 CDs for $100 and your 10 DVDs for $50, a total of $150.

You now have a saving of $600 on your total annual collection. A ticket from Bombay to Bangkok is $450; and from Europe it's around $600...

You also get a whole lot of other great things that you can make your travel money back from:

- Clothes. Dirt cheap in BKK
- Electronics. Goto Pantip Plaza in Bangkok, you'll get deals that'll save you atleast 40% off prices in Bombay and 30% of prices in Europe. Buy cell phones, computer monitors, digital cameras, laptops, web cams...
- Dentist treatment. Those of you in Europe & the US can save tons by just doing your dentist treatment in Bangkok
- Cost of living. If you have a place you can rent out in Europe, the rent alone will pay for your 1 year vacation to Thailand.

I think a lot more of us have figured this out than we realise.I can't help but notice the huge swarm of tourists in Bangkok's airport each time I'm there. I think it's one of the reasons behind the booming 8% - 10% tourist growth to Thailand.

Dubai too

Visiting Dubai from Europe allows you to recuperate your ticket costs just by buying electronics and gold, which are at a 20% - 30% advantage to India and Europe.

And, lately, a lot Indians and Europeans are realising that Dubai is a great place to park your money and many of them are
picking up freehold apartments in Dubai...

Dubai 1991

Dubai 2005

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