Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Improving India's economy one name at a time

One can't deny that ever since Bombay's name was changed to Mumbai in 1995 India's economy has boomed. The Mumbai change was followed by Bangalore to Bengaluru, Calcutta to Kolkatta, Madras to Chennai and a few others, all of which has undoubtedly contributed to Indias 10% annual GDP growth.

Now that Oil has gone over the top and the world economy is on the rocks, it's time to release some important strategic name reserves and make some important name related changes to shore up India's economy and ensure we do not miss our 10% target this year:

Orissa changes to Odisha
from now in Mumbai all nameboards have to be in both English and Marathi.

Both these important changes were passed by the respective state governments after debates in governing houses. I am so glad our politicians are doing the right thing and ensuring that the people live well and the economy keeps running.


Ranu said...

Right. It is surprising but true that Indian politicians are taking decisions suitable for the people and the economy of India. The basic reason being "awareness" in the society through media and education. Even politicians have come to understand they can't get away with anything.

I S said...

Changing city names guaranteeing growth is an absurd thought. There are more important issues to take of. Changing city names is an issue a particular political party takes up to come in public view. The growth rate has been due to open markets and, I am sorry to say, the BPO/IT industry. Even though there is growth, the rate is not excellent.