Sunday, May 25, 2008

When India attacks India

It's bad enough that India's borders are being constantly attacked by Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, etc; and the secret service outfits of these countries have also created militant outfits within India that keep setting off bombs every few months.

What is even worse when Indians attack themselves. Everyday the media is filled with news of how some political or semi political outfit went violent and attacked people. Just today the story is about the Gujjar community in Rajasthan attacked people, police stations, blocked highways and dug up railways tracks. Lots of people lost their lives as a result, 1000s were injured, lots of economic damage was done and people are generally in a state of fear.

Another story today is about political parties in Mumbai, namely the Shiv Sena & the MNS are attacking North Indians and destroying property. They beat up so called North Indian taxi drivers for immigrating to Mumbai and destroyed these poor people's taxis and even killed a few. Then they went around destroying museums and commercial establishments because they had the word "Bombay" in their name.

This is happening with total and complete disregard for the law. My view is that if you are unhappy with something, goto the court and complain, but don't resort to destruction and violence. When the very political parties that are supposed to govern do this, it speaks volumes of the state of affairs of our judicial system and the liberties of the common man: there is virtually no justice in India !

India, please stop attacking yourself.

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Rushabh said...

Analysts have been raving about oil crisis since years now...the problem is very much an Indian one much less a world problem...the US is as we speak sitting on some serious oil reserves as is its former rival Russia...a recent article suggests apart from the usual supply side problems (read as OPEC country tantrums..civil unrest in Nigeria,etc.) the reason for this spurt in prices can also be attributed to a depreciating dollar thus making oil cheap. Its always ***$ for a other words oil sold in dollars and cheap dollars means cheap oil for countries with appreciating currencies.

Meanwhile the US has put in place initiatives to reduce dependency on oil

The BIG question is what is India doing about all this??
With the left opposition to a nuclear deal, forthcoming election year and growing domestic demand oil marketing companies have little choice but to work with losses.

But more importantly in all of this it is the emerging economies which will take a hit as they are the major either we need to slow down consumption or find unconventional energy like FAST...our politicians will have to sell the idea of fuel conservation if we are to meet our GDP growth targets....they are very good at dealing with domestic politics....lets see how do they get out of this one!