Friday, October 26, 2007

Will housing trigger Iran war?

Sub Prime is a huge mess; and housing prices are down and are likely to keep going down. The forecast of the US economy growth rate of Q4 this year was recently downgraded by Maroeconomic Advisers to 1.6% from 2.7%

A US recession appears on the way.

Each time there has been a housing crises, the US has slipped into recession, except 2 times: 1951 and 1967: Korea War and Vietnam War. Defense expenditure triggers the money multiplier which pulls an economy out of recession.

Will the US goto war in Q2 of 2008 with Iran to pull out of recession?


macewan said...

In light of the CIA findings and Bush having to acknowledge awareness of those findings Iran is out of the question.

Maybe we could size down the military and realicate funds marked for battle.

Bridget Jones said...

Hi RYK, nice meeting you too :) Sorry for delayed response, it's only now I see your note on my blog - I'm not writing my diary anymore. Well for now - you can never tell with Bridget when the fancy will strike her again. She herself cannot tell ha! ;)