Saturday, August 11, 2007

India reality check 1: less than 250 aircraft in India

For all the hype surrounding India, the fact is that all the airlines and private owners of aircraft put together do not have more than 250 planes on lease or ownership.

  • Air India has 50 60 aircraft
  • Indian Airlines about the same
  • Jet Airways around 40
  • all others together couldn't be more than 50
  • so its not even 250.

There are airlines in the US that each own 1000+ aircraft. Go figure what the India boom is all about.

Your thoughts?

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Shaji.k said...

you r right. the total number of airline passenger seats offered by all domestic airlines in india during an year barely equals the no of passenger seats offered by indian railways in a day. for a country of india's size and poulation the no of aircraft and airports are low. we have to go a long way up.