Sunday, July 08, 2007

How to easily take & edit screenshots

I used to use Snagit, but somewhere in my comuter upgrades I lost my key. And because I didn't feel like paying for it again I figured out how to manage without it. Its quite easy.

1. Take a screenshot with using the Prt Scr (Print Screen) button on your keyboard

2. Open a PowerPoint slide

3. Hit Ctrl V and the screenshot gets pasted on your PowerPoint slide

4. Right click on the screenshot and use Save As to save it on your desktop

5. Goto the desktop and open the screenshot in Picture Manager

6. In Picture Manager you can crop it, resize it, covert it, compress it, etc. Save it after you are done

7. After you are through with 6, you may still want to add blurbs or make edits to the image. Locate the image on your desktop, right click and open with Paint. Here you can do all this. Save after you are done

Its all very easy and effective and free


Rima said...

or just print screen and cntrl V to PAINT and there u can crop, write text, add color...etc.. and save as jpeg, bit, png, pdf, etc....and it takes less time. and if u then need to clip it onto a PPT slide then do as usual inser-picture-from file..

Dimas M said...

Can we resize it if we paste to paint?

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RYK said...

the reason I like moving it to Microsoft Picture Manager 1st is because I find that easier to crop and resize and compress the image, which is 99% of the normal photo requirements.