Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Look at what we have done

You wanted it, you got it: prosperity. You evolved as a species and developed your mind, thru this mind you developed yourself, you developed your race, you upgraded your living standard. Now you don't have to be insecure anymore, now you don't have to worry about the wind outside, or diseases affecting you. Your future as a banker, lawyer, manager, entrepreneur, scientist, professor, model, actor, singer musician et al is secure.

But look at what you have done.

You have destroyed the poor innocent speechless creatures around you, you have orphaned the trees and the beasts. You have ruthlessly exploited them and thoughtlessly used them as entertainment and to serve you.

Here is the story of a small baby elephant called Laxmi, in this so called great world of ours, in this so called great country, where 100 million IT engineers bloom and everybody speaks in high fly intelligent speech using words like processes, disruptive, model, evolved, etc. This baby elephant has been a slave captive from the day it was born, it was taken away from its mother and its siblings and kept in chains.

But a baby is a baby, so at 4am while all of Mumbai (Bombay) slept, this baby bound in chains, got the urge to play, she slowly made her way to a nearby tree and frolicked with a few branches lying by. Can you imagine it: born a slave in captivity, with no mother, living in chains, and yet having the urge to play. Though we tried, we could not kill this in her, some small part of her was still alive.

No but we must not allow this to live, we must not allow this baby to have any joy. So soon enough her mahout got up and severely reprimanded her, for playing.

This my friends is the world we have built, which we are so proud off. So carry on with your ambition and your fighting and your drive and your high standard of living. Carry on with your designer car, designer house, designer clothes, your branded girlfriends and boyfriends, your high society life, your spa holidays, your Turkish carpets and your French wines...


Anonymous said...

"You have destroyed the poor innocent speechless creatures around you, you have orphaned the trees and the beasts. You have ruthlessly exploited them and thoughtlessly used them as entertainment and to serve you."

Entertainment for the eyes...but what are we doing about the entertainemt of the tongue?
The meat comes beautifully packaged in a plastic tray,with beautifully designed photographs for pre-cooked preps.The taste and look of the meat,after many manipulations,appeal to meat-eaters,who,due to false propaganda,believe it is absolutely necessary for proteins and vitamins,otherwise they’ll die of bad nutrition.
Its rather useless to extend partial concern towards animal cruelty when one is a meat eater.

Amy said...

very well said~!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Amy,

Its amazing how ppl due to ignorance want to pet some animals at the same time eat some others they dont deem worthy of housing.
I always have failed to understand that part of their psyche. But i'm glad there's more ppl that are gaining awareness not just to the pet industry but also vegetarianism.

RYK said...

anonymous, from a logic standpoint your argument is water tight, however logic is not everything.

Personally I would be ready to face the butchers knife to a quick death over years of enslavement and torture.

Anonymous said...

Who are we to decide what the animals prefer? Have u spoken to them lately.
Infact, there should be no "either or" here. Neither killing nor torture is humane.
And if i understand ur point correctly..."you'd rather kill that baby elephant than doing something to set it free? just coz u cant kill it and eat it?" Or do u eat elephants and their cousins?

RYK said...

er, don't eat vegetables and bread either. Subsist only on dairy products and certain fruit from now, as they are the only things you can eat without directly killing anything.

Even animals kill to, but not for entertainment. Man is a carnivore by nature. Even Hindu Gods hunted. But when you start desiring beyond your means, you create a imbalance that causes volumes of suffering, 1st on plants, then on animals and lastly on humans.

Anonymous said...

U posted an article that indicated ur compassion towards animals or atleast ur interest in the topic and it only makes sense to take that compassion to a higher level (this goes for all meat eaters who even have pets at home)
If u ever feel like, u may check this website http://www.islamveg.com/default.asp

As far as God is concerned, Humans must not blindly imitate what God did/does, rather we must follow his instructions. I believe we are nowhere close to how great God is and should not compare our actions to HIS.

Thanks for being open to this conversation and apologies for coming out to be rude, sometimes i loose it.