Saturday, March 18, 2006

Welcome Indian SEZs with investment of $23,000 Million!

India yesterday cleared 140 Special Economic Zones with a proposed investment of $23,000 Million. Wow! This is going to drive the already super charged Indian economy into Turbo drive.

Think about it, the implications go way beyond the $23,000 million infrastructure investment:

  • This is going to create new privately run cities and industrial zones, where more than likely the administration is going to be superb.
  • Here foreigners can buy housing and set up companies Tax Free for 10 years. This is going to lead to massive migration from Europe to occupy these well run, low cost, great weather cities.
  • Indian business can move from poorly run govenment cities like Bombay & Banglore to these new private cities.
  • The investments in non infrastructure, like buildings, factories and everthing that goes into filling them up is likely to be a several times multiple of the infrastructure investment.
Yours Truly has been predicting here that India & Asia is the "new world", and these are the surest signs towards this.

Here is another related story on some of the plans of one of India's large business houses.


v_tel001 said...

Good blog

btw..I just read that Reliance's proposed 25,000 acre SEZ in Hyderabad has been called off

RYK said...

Wouldn't know, have not been following the story closely, just following it at the macro level. Knowing Reliance it's probably a rationalisation from a strategic perspective as they aren't worried about competition or have capital issues